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Telemedicine Appointments Available

If you have an eye health concern, Drs. Lin and Rivera are able to see you via video such as Zoom and FaceTime and Google Hangouts.  Telemedicine visits offer you the opportunity to discuss your ocular symptoms and history with our optometrists and also allows our optometrists to look at and assess the external ocular tissues such as lids, conjunctiva, cornea, eye muscle movements, pupil reactions.  Whether to confirm a viral pink eye, benign twitching of the eye lids, or more severe signs and symptoms that require an urgent care in-office appointment, newly enacted Tele Health options are meant to help deliver advise and treatments from doctors of optometry for your eye health concerns.  Call or text us at (510) 653-4242 or email us at meostaff@modeye.com to enquire about these Tele Health services.

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