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Whether you are a long-time patient or new to our office, we would love to hear from you. If you’ve had an experience at Moderne Eye Optometry that you would like to share with us or with others, please feel free to contact us.

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David S.

Oakland, CA

"I've been seeing Dr. Rivera your many years. Extremely generous in his time and attention and knowledge. Always makes me feel very comfortable and informed on what is going on with my eyes. I do not go here for frames and lenses, I go to another business that offers a larger selection of low cost frames, since style is not that important to me."

Joanna M.

San Rafael, CA

"At first I was afraid, I was petrified...to have four eyes. I'd always prided myself on my peepers, but over the years my distance vision has been getting blurrier and more Monet-esque. Aside from having to sit close to a film screen if it had subtitles, not being able to read chalk board menus, and ongoing implorations from my boyfriend to get glasses, my nearsightedness didn't affect me much. When I needed to start driving all of a sudden, due to a new job and move, and I knew that the DMV would disapprove of my current visionary capacity, I decided to remedy this problem.

Moderne Eye had always caught my blurry eye as I'd lived in the neighborhood for a long time. I popped in and inquired about availability, and was told that there was a few week wait. When I explained my situation the office manager fit me in within two days; I was quite relieved and happy with their flexibility. Dr. Lin, the optometrist, was a delight to talk to, and Jennifer, the optician, was helpful in deciding which of the two Oliver Peoples frames I was debating between. The doctor did a great job with the lens prescription; trudging through all of those questions in the exam is for a reason! All of a sudden I could see signs across the street, birds in the sky, and a whole world of text and images that were foreign to my 20/60 vision. Just like the DMV wants.

An eye for an eye may leave the world blind, but an eye for an improved eye, leaves me happy and clear-sighted."

Mark C.

Berkley, CA

"Love, love, love.  I have been going for years.  My eyes are very complicated (keratinous, dry eyes, glaucoma suspect).  Dr. Sue Lin gives INCREDIBLE service, better than my ophthalmologist.  

My husband was on a contact lens study with her business partner and husband, Dr. Reuben Rivera, at UC Berkeley. He gives Dr. Rivera a glowing review.  

Both are trained by UC Berkeley School of Optometry and I think Dr. Lin did a residency at the UC Davis Eye Institute.

Over the years, I have gotten contact lenses, sunglasses, reading glasses and distance glasses here.

The opticians are also very good... friendly, helpful and quick.  I could not recommend them more!"

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